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Theraneem Naturals

Neem & Sea Buckthorn Toothpaste

Neem & Sea Buckthorn Toothpaste

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Fortified with Concentrated Organic Supercritical Extracts of Neem Leaf, Neem Bark & Sea Buckthorn to support healthy teem and gums.

Supercritical extracts, also known as CO2 extracts, are potentially superior to traditional steam distillations because the plant material is extracted at much lower temperatures. This process may help preserve a fuller range of constituents from the original plant.

Sea Buckthorn has been harvested for thousands of years for its rich nutritional profile and medicinal value. It may be the only plant in the world to contain all 4 Omegas, (Omega-3, Omega-6, Omega-7, and Omega-9) which are essential fatty acids that assist in nourishing and soothing gum tissue.

Commonly known in India as the Toothbrush Tree, Neem twigs are frequently used to clean the teeth. Modern science has validated the traditional uses of Neem supporting healthy gums, and on-going research confirms its efficacy
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