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    The Power of Neem

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    What is neem, anyway?

    Often referred to as the “Village Pharmacy,” neem has been used for millennia (some 4500 years) to support the overall health and wellness of people, pets and plants.

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    Neem Natural Care Products

    A complete line of neem natural care products for the entire family.

    Oral Care

    Neem bark and leaf extract is often used as a fluoride-free alternative for supporting healthy teeth and gums.

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    Hair, Skin, Nails

    Neem oil is packed with nutrients for your skin and hair, like naturally-occurring antioxidants and fatty acids.

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    For Kids

    Neem products ditch the harsh chemicals for toothpastes, shampoos, and cleansers that are gentle on young skin.

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    Outdoor & Pet

    Take care of your pet with shampoos, soothing sprays and oils that work without the harsh chemicals.

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    The Benefits of Neem

    Neem has been considered a super plant for thousands of years. Find out why.


    Quality Ingredients. Wholesome products.

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    New to Neem?

    You're not the only one. Here are some frequently asked questions about our products, ingredients and more.

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