60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee


At Nutraceutical, we stand behind all of the products in our Family of Brands and our industry leading quality. If for any reason you are not satisfied with a Nutraceutical product you purchased from one of our authorized sellers, you may request a refund or replacement product. Please note that because we are unable to control the quality of our products sold by unauthorized sellers, the Nutraceutical 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee is not available for products purchased from unauthorized sellers. The Guarantee is also limited to the original, end-user purchaser.

How to Claim the Guarantee

To submit a Guarantee request, we encourage you to return the product to the place of purchase for refund or replacement. Alternatively, you may call one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-227-6063 to initiate a refund or replacement. Please have information available regarding where and when you purchased the product. If your request is approved, you will need to mail the Nutraceutical product, your proof or purchase, and your Guarantee approval confirmation number to:

Building 2C North
580 West 300 North
Ogden, Utah 84404
Attn: 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

You must submit your Guarantee request within 60 days of the date of purchase. Please note that you are responsible for costs incurred in mailing the product and proof of purchase.

Guarantee Guidelines

Nutraceutical reserves the right to verify information, require a valid proof of purchase, and to deny return or replacement if it determines that a customer is abusing the Nutraceutical 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. This Guarantee only applies to purchases by consumers within the United States of America.

The Nutraceutical Family of Brands includes products within the following brands:

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Why TheraNeem?

The brands main distinguishing factors are the high concentration of active ingredients, and the quality of neem, used across the product line. Fifty-eight percent of products include two or more forms of neem…including 100% organic neem seed oil (highest standard of organic certification), organic neem leaf tea as the product base and/or the use of concentrated organic supercritical extracts. The advanced supercritical extraction process is known for producing the cleanest, most concentrated, and unaltered complete bouquet of a plants constituents (oils, pigments and resins) in extract form. No other neem-based brand currently offers products which include supercritical extracts. ​

What is Neem?

Neem oil is rich in fatty acids, such as palmitic, linoleic, and oleic acids, which help support healthy skin. While neem oil is generally applied to the scalp or skin to treat conditions like dandruff and acne, the extract of the neem leaf is typically taken orally. The leaf of the plant also provides health benefits. The leaves contain plant compounds called flavonoids and polyphenols, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

Are your products available to international customers?

While we do not ship to countries outside of the United States directly through our website, our products are available to international customers on iHerb.com

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, most of our packaging is made from paper, plastic and glass that can be recycled.

What are the benefits of Neem?

Hair Care: Neem is known for not only alleviating dryness and itchiness, but also for providing moisture so your hair looks super healthy year-round.

Oral Care: Neem bark and leaf extract is most effectively used fight oral plaque buildup and prevent gingivitis. Mouthwash containing Neem is a remedy for tooth decay and to maintain healthy gums.

Skin Care: Neem oil is filled with ingredients that benefit the skin, like vitamin E and essential fatty acids, which make it a great natural method to fight off dryness. Research has found it can penetrate deeply into the skin, healing the cracks that occur from severe dryness and making sure all your moisture stays locked in. It also has antibacterial properties making it a great acne treatment.

Digestive Health: Neem promotes a healthy digestive system by protecting the stomach, aiding in elimination, and removing toxins and noxious bacteria. Its leaves are often used to treat heartburn and indigestion.

What are Supercritical extracts?

Extracts are substances made by separating raw plant material into concentrated form. Depending upon the plant material used, extracts can be made by a number of processes, including: • Cold-pressing plant material (typically citrus) • Steam distillation • “Supercritical” liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) distillation • Other chemical solvent extraction (i.e. alcohol distillation, etc.) Steam distillation is one of the most common processes used. However, supercritical extracts are becoming more common. They are considered to be potentially superior to traditional steam distillations because the plant material is extracted at much lower temperatures, which may help preserve a fuller range of constituents from the original plant. That’s because the high temperatures required to create steam from water (100 degrees C / 212 degrees F) can potentially damage or destroy some of the constituents in the plant material—thereby altering the material from its original form. Supercritical extraction uses CO2 instead, bringing it to its liquid “supercritical” state at much lower temperatures (90-100 degrees F). That lower processing temperature helps ensure that the final extract contains a fuller spectrum of constituents than are typically derived from steam distillations. CO2 extracts are believed to be closer to the original source material than stream extracts.

How Supercritical extracts are made?

1. Liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) is pumped into an extractor tank containing plant material.

2. Particles of the plant material are suspended in the liquid CO2.

3. The particles are separated from the CO2. The CO2 is returned to the tank.

4. Then the final extract is collected for use. Supercritical extracts are very concentrated. It takes approximately 250 pounds of plant material to create 1 pound of supercritical Neem extract, for example. CO2 extracts are additionally free from organic solvents like hexane, acetone and toluene. The original plant material we use for our supercritical Neem extracts is also organic to help ensure the final extract does not contain chemical pesticide residue, either.

How do you use my data?

We use your data to process and ship your order to your preferred address. If we collect your email address, then we may occasionally send you marketing information about TheraNeem but you are always welcome to opt out of any email by clicking the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of our emails. We never sell or share your information with any other company.

What is your return policy?

You may return any item purchased from us for any reason within 30 days of purchase. For online and catalog orders, the product ship date is the date of purchase. Only one opened package of any product in a shipment is eligible for return. All others of the same product must be in unopened and original condition to receive a full refund. Your refund will be processed based on your original form of payment. Opened or damaged items may only be eligible for partial refund or merchandise credit. Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable.

How do I start a return?

To begin your return, please contact our Customer Service Department at customerservice@theraneem.com